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For Applicants

Does ReassureRent replace the security deposit?

No, ReassureRent is an insurance policy for the landlord, not the tenant. The landlord is advised to collect the security deposit as normal to cover the deductible and other non-rent liabilities of the tenant.

Is ReassureRent actual insurance?

Yes, ReassureRent is managed by eRly Insurance Solutions, Inc. (CA Insurance License No. 0L80372) and backed by Prime Insurance Company, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

How much does ReassureRent coverage cost?

It depends on property zip code and how much rent is charged each month, but averages about 2% of annual rent.

Who is the actual insured under ReassuredRent?

The landlord is insured. This is not insurance for the tenant, and is not a bond in place of a security deposit, but an actual insurance policy that covers the landlord’s loss of rents.

Is there a deductible?

There is a deductible equal to one month’s rent. However, ReassureRent will pay the landlord an additional 15 days of rent after possession is restored to landlord. This is an added benefit to allow landlord time to restore and prepare the property to return to the market.

How long does the policy last?

The term is one year

Can I insure shorter term leases?

Only one-year leases are eligible at this time.

Can I renew my policy after one year?

Yes, claim-free policies may be renewed. The application to renew must be submitted before the policy expires.

What is the maximum amount of monthly rent I can insure with ReassureRent?

ReassureRent will cover leases with any amount of monthly rent, up to $5,000 per month.

Does ReassureRent insure existing leases?

Only new leases are eligible to be insured. ReassureRent may only be added at time of move-in.

What rental properties are eligible under ReassureRent?

California residential rental properties, such as apartment, single-family homes, condominiums and lofts and mobile homes (where the land under the mobile home is also part of the lease).

What tenants are eligible under ReassureRent?

To be eligible, the tenant(s) must have no prior evictions or lease defaults, no prior criminal history, a FICO of at least 590, and must attend an online tenant orientation course.

What leases are eligible under ReassureRent?

Leases must be in writing, be a residential (non-commercial) lease agreement for a residential rental unit; be a new lease (not a renewal of an existing lease, unless such existing lease was covered by this Policy or a Policy providing the same coverage and issued by ReassureRent); not a new lease with an existing or prior tenant or occupant who rented from current property owner; be with an eligible Tenant(s); provide for monthly rent payments only; and not be part of a peer-to-peer or sharing economy program, app or system.

What tenant screening is required under ReassureRent?

A landlord would conduct a typical tenant screening, which includes, at least, a written tenant application to rent; a background and credit report on the lead tenant.

Does the landlord submit the tenant screening documents when applying for ReassureRent?

No, however, the landlord will have to certify possession of the screening documents, confirm that the tenants meet owners normal rental requirements, and that the documents will be provided in the event of a claim.

For Policyholders

My tenant didn't pay rent when due. What do i do now?

Immediately serve your properly prepared 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate. If you cannot work it out with your tenant within the first 15 days, submit a claim to ReassureRent.

How do I submit a claim with ReassureRent?

Call our toll free number 833-3TENANT (833-383-6268).

When can I submit a claim?

You may not submit your claim until 15 days have passed since your tenant breached for non-payment. However, any claims submitted after 20 days have elapsed, will have a shortened covered claim period.

Can I allow the past due rent to accumulate before submitting a claim?

No, you cannot allow multiple periods of rent to accumulate before you submit your claim. ReassureRent will only cover lost rents from a period no earlier than 20 days before your claim is submitted.

What documents do I need to submit a claim?

When you submit a claim, you will be required to provide:
  • The properly prepared and served 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate;
  • The written lease agreement;
  • The background and credit report on the tenant;
  • The tenant application to rent.

What happens after I submit a claim?

Your claim will be immediately reviewed, and you will be notified within 24 hours, by email, that the claim has been accepted, or that additional information is needed from you. Upon acceptance, ReassureRent will immediately begin the “Cash for Keys” process to restore possession back you.

What is "Cash for Keys?"

“Cash for Keys” is a process where ReassureRent will communicate directly with the tenant to negotiate a move-out and regain possession of the rental unit in a very short period. It is an effective process to resolve a default situation quickly and cooperatively. The negotiation period is no longer than 72 hours from the time of claim acceptance, and is at no additional cost to you.

What if "Cash for Keys" doesn't work?

If the “Cash for Keys” process doesn’t produce a favorable result, ReassureRent will assign the matter to one of our unlawful detainer attorneys for eviction through the courts.

Can I negotiate directly with the tenant after I have submitted a claim?

Once a claim is submitted to ReassureRent, a landlord may not negotiate for, nor accept, rent or any settlement from the tenant, without the express written consent of ReassureRent. Failure to adhere to this duty will constitute non-cooperation under the policy and may result in a denial of the claim, as well as responsibility for any expenses incurred by ReassureRent, including claims handling fees.

Can I use my own eviction attorney?

ReassureRent has a panel of qualified eviction attorneys throughout California. If you would like your attorney to become part of this panel, please contact us.

For what period of time will ReassureRent reimburse me for lost rent?

The loss period will depend on how long it takes for the rental unit to be restored back to your possession. The loss period begins on the day the tenant breaches for non-payment of rent (or 20 days prior to the day you submitted the claim, if the claim is reported late). The loss period ends on the day the rental unit is restored back to possession (you or your representative gets the keys, sheriff lockout, discovery of skip, etc.), or on the policy expiration date, if that is earlier. If the tenant skips, or leaves through “Cash for Keys,” the period will be shorter. If the matter goes to court as an unlawful detainer, the period will be longer. In no event will the loss period be greater than six months.

How will my lost rent be calculated?

The loss period will be determined as described above, then increased by an extra 15 days. You will be paid the rent that you are entitled to under the lease for that extended loss period, less the one month deductible.
  • For example, if it takes 3 months to get the property back into your hands, you will be paid the missing rent for two months (3 month loss period minus the 1 month deductible), plus 15 days.


When will I be reimbursed for lost rents?

The claim will be finalized and payment issued as soon as possible after the possession of the rental unit has been restored to you.


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