Your Investment Protected

We Pay You the Missing Rent . . . AND handle the eviction too!

Despite all of our best efforts, we know that tenants may still default.  We hope it doesn’t happen, but when it does, we are here for you.

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Simplying the Eviction Process

Seamlessly file claims from your phone – anytime, anywhere, and we will take care of the rest!


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If your tenant fails to pay the rent, serve your three-day notice like normal, then contact us. 


We will hire the attorney and start the eviction.

We will reach out to that tenant with a cash offer to move out immediately. If that doesn’t work, we will hire the eviction attorney, and pay the court costs* for the eviction.


We will hand you the keys and pay you for the missing rent.

When the property is restored back to your possession, we will pay you up to six months of the missing rent!


Its That Simple!

You avoided the headache and your rental income is saved!

Securing Your Investment Is Our Mission