About ReassureRent

​In today’s changing legal and rental housing environment, ReassureRent provides an additional backstop to protect your rental income. If your tenant fails to pay the rent, ReassureRent will manage the eviction for you, pay the legal costs and fees, and pay you for up to six months of lost rent.


Philosophy & Mission

We believe that rental property owners should be able to rent homes without the fear that a tenant won’t pay the rent.  Landlords should be able to rent without the anxiety of finding a lawyer and managing an eviction.

We act on this belief by providing, through insurance, a concierge service that will handle the eviction, and pay the landlord the missing rent if their tenant doesn’t pay.

We ensure that your investment is secure.

Eric Jarvis, Esq. | Founder of ReassureRent

Our Founder

ReassureRent is backed by a team with over 20 years of insurance and legal experience.

Eric Jarvis

Eric Jarvis

Founder & CEO

My name is Eric Jarvis.  I started my career as a landlord/tenant attorney in Los Angeles in 1995.  I then joined the insurance industry in 1999, developing relationships and products based on trust and integrity.

Recognizing the need for higher levels of comfort for property owners, I founded ReassureRent on the belief that landlords should be better protected in a time of eroding landlord rights.

We do this by providing a concierge service to handle the time, aggravation, and expense of evictions.  We look forward to joining you in securing your investment!

Securing Your Investment Is Our Mission