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Simplying the Eviction Process

Seamlessly file claims from your phone – anytime, anywhere, and we will take care of the rest!


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If your tenant fails to pay the rent, serve your three-day notice like normal, then contact us. 


We will hire the attorney and start the eviction.

We will reach out to that tenant with a cash offer to move out immediately. If that doesn’t work, we will hire the eviction attorney, and pay the court costs for the eviction.


We will hand you the keys and pay you for the missing rent.

When the property is restored back to your possession, we will pay you up to six months of the missing rent!


Its That Simple!

You avoided the headache and your rental income is saved!

 “All coverages are subject to the insurance policy terms and conditions.  Please see the FAQ for more information.”


Calculate your savings with ReassureRent Insurance!

Monthly Rent :  [item-241_price]

Eviction without ReassureRent 

Attorney's Fees: $1,200

Court Costs: $240

Lost Rent (3 mo.): [item-243_price]

Net Deductible: $0

Insurance: $0

Total Cost: [item-247_price]

Eviction with ReassureRent

Attorney's Fees: $0

Court Costs: $0

Lost Rent (3 mo.): [item-243_price]

Net Deductible: $1000

Insurance: [item-249_price]

Total Cost: [item-248_price]

You would save [item-250_price] and 100+ hours avoided, managing the nightmare evicted tenant!


Discount :
Total :

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Our Partners

ReassureRent has partnerships with leading property owner associations and affiliates. This is how we are able to provide property owners the most comprehensive tenant default coverage available with special offers to members.

ReassureRent is offered exclusively by eRLY Insurance Solutions, Inc. (CA Insurance License No. 0L80372) and is backed by Prime Insurance Company, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

We Believe Landlord Rights Need More Protection

State of the industry

The loss of rental income for mutiple months can be devastating for an owners investment. In the current pro-tenant legal environment,  evictions now take months to resolve.

More protection is needed for landlords. 


Statewide Mandatory Rent Control Cap (plus CPI)

SB 328 Section 8 voucher recipients may no longer be excluded.


25% of all eviction cases now take more than 45 days to resolve.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

For Applicants

Does ReassureRent replace the security deposit?

No, ReassureRent is an insurance policy for the landlord, not the tenant. The landlord is advised to collect the security deposit as normal to cover the deductible and other non-rent liabilities of the tenant.

Is ReassureRent actual insurance?

Yes, ReassureRent is managed by eRly Insurance Solutions, Inc. (CA Insurance License No. 0L80372) and backed by Prime Insurance Company, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

How much does ReassureRent coverage cost?

It depends on property zip code and how much rent is charged each month, but averages about 2% of annual rent.

Who is the actual insured under ReassuredRent?

The landlord is insured. This is not insurance for the tenant, and is not a bond in place of a security deposit, but an actual insurance policy that covers the landlord’s loss of rents.

Does ReassureRent insure existing leases?

Only new leases are eligible to be insured. ReassureRent may only be added at time of move-in.

Can I renew my policy after one year?

Yes, claim-free policies may be renewed. The application to renew must be submitted before the policy expires.

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